Creating an Invnicible Military In the United States

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Yogic Flying Links and Related
Information About Invincible Defense Technology

A short video clip taken from the National Geographic Channel special showing Yogic Flying (Yogic hopping the first stage of levitation) by Invincible Defence Technology experts is available at:

A Reuters photo of Israeli Invincible Defence Technology experts demonstrating Yogic Flying in Tel Aviv is published by The Tribune at: (the picture appears near bottom of the webpage)

More information and research about Yogic Flying and Invincible Defense Technology (another video of Yogic Flying available on this webpage)

This research on Yogic Flying and Invincible Defence Technology shows increased EEG coherence and power during Yogic Flying, stabilized restful alertness: Alpha Activity During Yogic Flying, faster neurocognitive processing and higher baseline alpha EEG coherence in long-term meditators.


Selected Scientific Research Related to Yogic Flying and Invincible Defense Technology

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Stabilized Restful Alertness: Alpha Activity During Yogic Flying

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Indication of Pure Consciousness at the Transition between Waking, Sleeping, and Dreaming: Spreading and Increased Duration of Alpha Activity to the Frontal Cortex in Invincible Defense Technology Experts

CRANSON, R.; GODDARD, P.; ORME-JOHNSON, D.; and SCHUSTER, D. P300 under conditions of temporal uncertainty and filter attenuation: Reduced latency in long-term practitioners of TM. Supplement to Psychophysiology 27:4A, August 1990.

Faster Neurocognitive Processing of Invincible Defence Technology Experts

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Increased EEG Coherence and Power During Yogic Flying

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Higher Baseline Alpha EEG Coherence in Long-Term Invincible Defense Technology Experts

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